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Creating Your Custom Product

Whether it is a handmade leather product or knife, our goal is your satisfaction. Perhaps you already have an idea. We are ready to turn your idea into a reality. Need a little assistance creating the perfect product to meet your needs? Bilbrey Handmade Goods can certainly step in with recommendations. 


Upon ordering your custom product, we will be in contact with you personally to create your own unique item.  From color to leather type, tooling and stitching color, you are guaranteed  to have your personalized product.

Your leather product will have many hours of hands on work put into it. Between cutting, tooling (if desired) and stitching. Please be patient and understanding while we strive to create your perfect product. 

The possibilities are endless when creating a one of a kind knife. Select the blade steel, blade style, and handle materials of your choice from our available inventory or material currently accessible to Bilbrey Handmade Goods on the market.

To place a custom order please reach out to us on our contact page. 

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